Ivy Street commenced in 2003 and since then has grown into an agile, full service advertising, design and digital agency across the property, health and fitness and corporate markets.

While wise in experience, we remain young at heart and full of excitement, just like James, the painting that inspired our Ivy Street brand. Like any other seven-year-old boy James is bright, energetic, inquisitive and mischievous, with a keen sense of humour. However, under his mop of red hair is an intelligent and focused mind, bursting with ideas that are bold, fresh and relevant.

Ivy Street has come a long way from humble beginnings; however what we have shown is that with the best creative team, a defined processes, account management solutions and a clear focus on customer expectations and outcomes, success for Ivy Street and our clients is assured.

We are a very nimble team with experience and expertise across all areas of mainstream media, digital, point of sale, outdoor, retail, social and direct marketing requirements.

Our brand, like that of our clients, is clearly unique in style and appearance and highly recognisable. Although the landscape around us is evolving, we continue to stay ahead of the game while that cheeky little red head looks over us. In fact our brand is still very much like that seven year old … young, enthusiastic and ready for all that life can offer.

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