• Brad - Director


    Brad has found the perfect work/life balance when it comes to servicing our clientele to getaways with his family and of course, finding a wave. Living and breathing Ivy Street seems to work well for this bloke.
  • Nate - Creative Director


    Creative Director
    With a career based on chasing his passion, this self-confessed type-addict, has found a perfect place to work his craft while chasing waves. He is also quite partial to a really good pun or a really bad dad joke; if there is a difference.
  • Simon - Account Director


    Account Director
    Simon returns home to the Geelong business community from being banished for over a decade to the wilderness of the corporate metro world. His exposure and insight into intelligent, creative, efficient strategies in the residential building industry and broad acre project management is a great fit to the expanding, successful team at Ivy Street.
  • Paul - Art Director


    Art Director
    In a studio dominated by cats, Paul is our one true Tiger. His Passion for Richmond and the yellow and black is only rivalled by his love of all things creative. As our Art Director Paul is in his element when the studio is humming and the tunes are streaming from BBC6.
  • Jenae - Account Manager


    Account Manager
    From milking cows, a double degree in marketing to working in the AFL, Jenae is a jack-of-all trades. Known for her 'grandma antics' around the office, she is the oldest youngest person we know, although she still knows how to bring the fun to the workplace as she heads up the Ivy Street social committee.
  • Brooke - Account Manager


    Account Manager
    The newest addition to our Account Service team and Geelong native, Brooke completed a Bachelor of Professional Communications before cutting her teeth as an intern in the advertising world. After falling for the fast-paced & crazy work environment she applied and won a gig at Ivy Street.
  • Magda - Account Manager


    Account Manager
    A proud mum of 2 amazing kids with a love for travel, friends and laughter; Mags joins our blossoming Account Service team with a suitcase full of experience in the property market.
  • Dallas - Internal Account Manager


    Internal Account Manager
    Dallas brings her delightful smile and bubbly personality to work each day! It’s hard not to feel happy when this lady is on the other end of the phone. With a passion for marketing and promotional merchandise, she’s a bit of an all rounder. More than just being our go-to admin hero, Dallas studies marketing and takes care of her son at home.
  • Anthea - Designer


    This proud new Geelongian can usually be found with a cup of Green Tea in her hand or a glass of wine. With remarkable luck when it comes to being where the action is she always has a story to tell and is the office provider of trashy gossip - which, you’ll never guess what she just heard!
  • Johnrey - Finished Artist


    Finished Artist
    Johnrey lives in a log cabin, by the sea, with the girl of his dreams. His appreciation for his surrounds developed into an immeasurable connection with plants, prompting him to apply for his role at Ivy Street, believing he might be working in a nursery. Not at all disappointed with the reality, his experience across property and real estate, coupled with his artistic flair and determination to always go above and beyond, makes him the perfect companion to Ivy Street.
  • Vaughan - Designer


    Vaughan has worked with a wide range of diverse clientele & sharpened his skills in boutique studios, government buildings, corporate high-rises & fast-paced editorial floors. On the outside, he can be found hanging out with his family and trying not to design anything.
  • Naomi - Designer


    Good food, family and friends, good illustration, cats, outdoors and adventure, travel, plants, modern styling, poor at constructing sentences.
  • Ben - Junior Designer


    Junior Designer
    Ben is one of the new kids on the block. He specialises in Digital art as well as 3D modelling but when he isn’t being a photoshop magician he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing xbox and general tomfoolery.
  • Scott - Web Developer


    Web Developer
    As someone who loves to learn, Scott couldn’t ask for a better job than web developer. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and sometimes like to pretend he can grow a mustache.
  • Tim - Web Developer


    Web Developer
    Like the rest of NZ, Tim had to find real work when LOTR finished. After a brief stint as Brett's beard double in Flight of the Conchords, Tim took his love of acronyms and years of parental-tech-support to the logical conclusion of a career in IT. While he's not mashing the keyboard he's enjoying the beach, walking the dog or eating hot chips - possibly all three.
  • John - Web Developer


    Web Developer
    John is a serial monogamist with an unhealthy interest in all things electronic, shiny or preferably both. He loves spicy food and dislikes Star Wars/ fashion/ bureaucracy. John made Geelong home in 2010 after emigrating from a secret location in the northern hemisphere.
  • Anita - Finance Manager


    Finance Manager
    Unquestionably the brains behind this operation, Anita keeps all our finances in check, leaving no detail in question. Blessed with the gift of the gab, this 80’s tragic knows the words to every song on Gold FM. She may sing for you too if you ask her nicely.
  • Debbie - Finance Officer


    Finance Officer
    Our resident number cruncher Debbie made the big move from New Zealand and we welcome her to her new home at Ivy Street. As well as her new responsibilities looking after the Ivy Street team, Debbie has three children, as well as two dogs, Grace and Zeus and two cats, Bella and Lucky (who are imports as well). Debbie enjoys a nice cup of turmeric in the mornings as well as a good prance around the office in her moon boot.
  • Jasmine - Administration


    Our newest member to the front end of this big ship, Jasmine (or Jazzy), comes to us with an Admin and Accounting background. Sick of the stress of the medical industry and wanting to learn to ropes of this busy agency; Jazzy is a quick learner.