The Kinbrook community will provide an idyllic balance between a secluded family­-centric neighbourhood, offering all the benefits of a village life without sacrificing proximity to work, social circles and amenity.

Kinbrook’s discrete residential village, boasting open space at the end of every street creates a natural point of difference and sets a benchmark for the area. In a highly competitive corridor, the brand identity needed to be truly unique and really speak to the aspirations of the Kinbrook community.

Drawing inspiration from ‘English village life’, we adopted a traditional typeface that embodies the values of community spirit. A subtle link to personal connections is highlighted with the interconnected ‘O’s’ in the logo, which speaks to this close knit neighbourhood. The collateral and digital rollout, reflects the unique brand identity and reinforces the enhanced lifestyle Kinbrook will offer. A stand out sales suite and a good positional spread of signage gives a strong presence amongst the competition.

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