Lochaven is Dacland’s newest landmark community in Cranbourne, set to be home to 500 families. Steeped in heritage, Lochaven embraces sophisticated urban design and interconnected paths and parklands that lead to a unique village centre. With a masterplan designed to encourage residents to engage with their community, Lochaven is set to become legacy for future generations.

It was important that the rich history of the land and the families generational ownership was translated and honoured through the brandmark. The Lochaven name itself is a nod to the landowners Scottish heritage and reference to the McNab family tartan is represented in Lochaven’s logo and branding.

The brand mark itself visually represents an integrated community via individual threads of residents lives as they engage with local amenity, open space and their neighbours. Through thoughtful design, a truly unique project brochure was created in addition to a modern and interactive website and sales office fit out.

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