After many years of research the decision was made by Otway Estate Winery to install a craft brewery on site and launch a new boutique beer range to compliment the existing business. Ivy Street was employed to create their brand and manage the roll out of marketing collateral, which made a stand out impression amongst tough competition.


We looked to the Estate’s connection with the stunning Otway location to design the brand mark, combining Australian icon the echidna, with the ‘acicia pulchella’ shrubs that grew in the estate, a plant more commonly known as ‘prickley moses.’ Once created, the brand was applied to packaging, beer labels, point of sale, stationary and car wrap.


In March 2007, Otway Estate launched their first Prickly Moses beers. Today their multi award winning brews are available in locations across Australia and they remain one of the most recognizable brands in the boutique brewery industry.